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Punjabi Fusion Takeaway
Butter Chicken
Paneer Tikka
Lamb Rogan Josh
Chicken Tikka
Dal Makhani


Samosa (2pcs) - $8.00

A stuffed pastry filled with tempered potatoes, peas and served with tamarind and date chutney.


Harra Bharra Kebab (4pcs) - $16.00

Vegetable pattie made from potato, peas, spinach and coriander served with mint chutney.


Paneer Tikka - $22.00

Fresh cottage cheese morsels marinated with tandoori tikka spices and cooked in tandoor clay oven.


Onion Bhaji (4pcs) - $12.00

Crispy fritters made from onions and chickpea flour served with mint chutney.


Tandoori Chicken - $24.00

Chicken infused with a delectable tandoori marination and cooked in tandoor clay oven (4 pcs).


Chicken Tikka - $24.00

Boneless chicken morsels marinated in red chilli, fenugreek and yoghurt cooked in tandoor clay oven (4 pcs).


Cream Chicken Tikka - $24.00

Boneless chicken marinated in cheese, cream and cardamom marinade, cooked in tandoor clay oven, finished with kebab masala (4 pcs).


Vegetarian Mains


Paneer Makhani - $25.00

Cottage cheese cooked in rich Mughlai gravy of tomato, cashew nuts, cream and butter.


Mix Vegetable - $23.00

A variety of mixed vegetables steeped in a tomato and onion masala gravy.


Malai Kofta - $24.00

Cottage cheese dumplings steeped in cashew based white rich gravy.


Dal Makhani - $20.00

Punjabi style black lentil and kidney beans cooked with fresh tomato, garlic and fenugreek spices and finished with fresh cream.


Yellow Dal – $20.00

North Indian style dal tempered with ghee, cumin and garlic, garnished with fresh coriander.

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Takeaway available:

Tuesday - Friday 11:30am - 9:30pm

Saturday 5:30pm - 10:00pm

Non-Vegetarian Mains


Butter Chicken – $33.00

Tandoori chicken morsels cooked in tomato, cashew nut gravy, flavoured with aromatic Indian spices.


Lamb Rogan Josh – $35.00

Lamb morsels, slow cooked in rich onion gravy, flavoured with Kashmiri whole spices.


Home Style Chicken Curry – $33.00

Punjabi style chicken curry made from fresh onion, garlic and aromatic spices and herbs.





Plain Naan - $4.00

Butter Naan - $5.00

Garlic Naan - $5.50

Cheese Naan -$6.50

Baked Kulcha Bread - $4.00

Steamed Rice - $6.00




Papadum - $7.00

5 pieces served with mint chutney


Indian Salad - $7.00



Gulab Jamun (2pcs) - $9.00

Deep fried milk dumplings soaked in cardamom sugar syrup.


Rasmalai (2pcs) - $9.00

Poached cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sweetened thickened pistachio flavoured milk.

All dishes are inclusive GST. 

All dishes are subject to seasonal price changes and availability without prior notice. 

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